Feedback received at the end of the summer 2016 term following our Grand Night Out at the Colston Hall:

Clifton and Southville groups

As ever I want to thank Elaine, Ollie, Doug, Helen and Julie for all their hard work and unwavering enthusiasm for Riff Raff and all the incredible people that are part of it. It really is a very accepting and warm group of people which I feel makes the choir pretty unique. Vicky

Everyone has been so friendly and I have felt very welcome. Tracey

I love being a part of Riff Raff, it feels like a big friendly family! Sharon

A truly memorable term. Sarah

It is great being part of something that has really grown and achieved so much over the past 6 years. Long may it continue! Sarah

Riff raff is great therapy after a tough day at work. Sarah

Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful choir. I have met some lovely people and I really enjoy us coming together to sing. Thank you to Elaine and Oli for being such great teachers. Sarah

I feel so proud to have been a part of our big gig. It was emotional and all my friends and family loved it. Thanks to all teachers and anyone involved in the massive organisation. Sally

A fantastic gig.....so proud to be a part of the phenomenon that is Riff Raff.... Philippa

Thank you all for a great term and an ab' fab' concert! Mick

I really enjoy being part of the choir, it's a really fun way to meet people and very uplifting singing all these beautiful harmonies! Lisa

A really great term with a fab range of songs - the teaching is great too. Lauren

I can't think of anything to improve. I think it's all totally wonderful. Laura

I've been in Riff Raff for 5 years and still look forward to Monday evenings and learning new songs. I think the quality of singing within the choir just gets better and better. Thank you Elaine and Oli for being such great teachers. Kath

Thanks for all your great arrangements and teaching, you are all so brilliant. Julie

RiffRaff makes me feel young, it is fun, has some lovely people and we smile. :-) Jude

I really like the way you teach to get the best out of every part - it's really professional… and is just the right level of 'pushing' us to be the best we can. The arrangements are really fantastic. Hannah

I'm really proud to be a member of Riff Raff and want to say thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication in making it such great fun for us all! Emma

I think Elaine and Oil are stunning at what they do - to coordinate conducting multiple parts whilst mouthing the words and giving visual cues in advance is really pretty spectacular! Emma

A big thank you to all the RiffRaff team! The Colston Hall concert went so well and was a real pleasure to be part of - it's a concert I will always remember... Dan

I've been part of RiffRaff since 2011 - still love it! Carol

Your patience as teachers with us is very supportive and no question is ever too silly. I am so proud to be a Riff Raffer. Andy

As a new member I felt very welcome from day one, enjoyed performing at every gig as they help me build confidence and learn from mistakes. Agesinaldo 

Bishopston and Fishponds groups

Enjoyed rehearsals and making friends with new choir members. Thank you to all teachers for making choir a fun & pleasant evening. Vivien

Huge compliments to Elaine, Oli, Doug and Helen for their amazing teaching and being able to bring so many people together to such a high standard.  Steve

Another great term with some really fantastic songs, thank you to all the teachers, especially Doug and Helen for some great fun every Thursday evening! Siobhan

It was an amazing term from start to finish. Can't praise the teaching standards of ALL involved enough. Truly grateful for the creation of this choir and it's lovely people! Sandra

The teaching is really good and both Doug and Helen are a joy to be with. Paul

The success of the Colston Hall concert is witness to the skill and enthusiasm of the instructors and the hard-work that obviously goes on behind the scenes….  Also speaks highly of the supportive, involved and enthusiastic response of choir members…. Pat

Your dedication, commitment and patience is an inspiration. Owen

Thanks to everyone who work so hard to give us such a wonderful choir. Margaret

As usual the arrangements of the songs (all of them) - are just brilliant. It was a pleasure to be a part of it all. Thank you. Lynda

Had a great term and fantastic finale at the Colston Hall. Linda

Love love love this choir and everything about it…. the friends I've made, the self confidence I have re-found, the fun, patience and enjoyment Helen and Doug bring to our rehearsals every week and the kindness they show to everyone. Justine

I've enjoyed all the song arrangements and like the way they span the decades. Jill

The friendships, joy, laughter and sheer pleasure of singing with the Thursday group, so beautifully taught by the fabulous Doug and Helen, can't be put into these few short sentences. Everyone should have Riff Raff in their life! Jane

I felt very welcome, everyone is super friendly and I really enjoy having a drink and a chat afterwards. Jane

I like that it's casual and friendly. I like that it's all pop and rock music (and includes stuff from the '60s and '70s, which is my era). I like that we have socials and stay for drinks after rehearsals. Jacki

I have been singing with the choir for a few years now and I still get so much enjoyment from it. Thank you Helen, Doug, Oli and Elaine - you are all brilliant! Gina

I love the rehearsals and the fact that everyone can get a different experience from the choir i.e you can do the gigs/socials or not. There is no pressure.... Doug and Helen are amazing teachers and are much loved within our group. Gerry

Really appreciate the hard work and energy from the tutors combined with their patience and good humour. Also thanks to the choir members who make refreshments and organise events - always helps to make people feel welcome. Clare

Doug and Helen are brilliant teachers and certainly bring fun to class nights. Riff Raff is a brilliant choir and I love being part of it. Christine

WOW what an experience at the Colston Hall! I've never before been part of such an amazing experience or as part of such a close-knit group (considering how big we are!). I really felt part of something so special, and a massive shout-out goes to all the teachers this past term for their dedication and hard work. Christian

Really enjoyed the term and found it really welcoming and sociable. Singing at the Colston hall was amazing. Learning all the songs that had been carried over as well as the new ones was a challenge but a fun one. Caroline

Thank you for all your hard work, patience and determination :-)  Ben

Helen and Doug are incredibly supportive and I really enjoy Wednesday nights - feel a bit lost without rehearsals! Anna

I love the happy atmosphere and the easy way that Doug and Helen teach. They make you feel good even when you know that you haven't quite 'got it' yet! I have made so many friends in the 3 terms that I have been with Thursday RiffRaff and I really look forward to the practice every week. Ann

Generally really good fun and a good bunch of friendly people. Alison